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The second Twilight movie has already hit theaters nationwide and the web is all a buzz about the Taylor Lautner workout that allowed the co-start to get his incredible ripped abs and muscular physique. And of course, girls are going crazy trying to find pictures of Taylor showing off his shirtless upper body. As much as the New Moon Twilight movie is creating a buzz, Taylor's new look is equally creating it's own buzz and a following of voyeurs and those that want to emulate his program so they can look like him as well.

Fans of the movie are wondering, just how did Taylor, the medium build star from Twilight, put on 30 pounds of muscle for the role of Jacob the werewolf in New Moon? What did he do, what did he eat, they want all the details. While I can't provide all the details here, I can give you some insight into his philosophy and what allowed him to stick with his program.

Taylor had a personal trainer during his workout time, and while most of us can't afford the price of a Hollywood celebrity trainer to the stars, we can learn from his workout and can find a partner to share in the journey to the gym. Working out is always easier with a partner and when lifting heavy weights and pushing your limits, it is also much safer.

Besides the personal trainer, how exactly did Taylor put on all those muscles and get his washboard abs? Any workout program always starts in the kitchen. What I mean by that is that your foundation for getting into great shape should begin with your diet. The standard American diet is filled with junk and high fat foods that are mainly devoid of nutrition. Nutritionally dense food should be considered the fuel for your body just like any fuel you would put in an expensive sports car. You wouldn't put cheap fuel in a $100K Ferrari, so why would you put junk into your body?

As far as the Taylor Lautner workout [http://www.freeabsvideo.com/] goes, here is his main philosophy as worked out between himself and his personal trainer. You can modify this routine and philosophy to fit your style.

Push Yourself Past Your Limits - This is where you need a workout partner to help spot you and make weightlifting safe. If you have maxed out your bench press at 175 pounds and can't go any further, put 200 pounds on the barbell and have your spotter keep their hands on the weights at all times. At least you will get the feel of what it is like to hold the extra weight in your hands and support most of it which you would never do if you only worked out by yourself. Keep doing this until you have smashed through your mental limits.

Change Up Your Workouts - There comes a time in your bodybuilding routines that everything starts to get the same and guess what, your muscles know that. You want to sort of trick them by varying your routine so it isn't routine. Lift more weight that you are used to, do more sets with fewer reps, do decline bench presses instead of incline presses, skip 2 days instead of 1 day between workouts and then start back with a different body part than you would normally. Do whatever it takes to get your body shocked out of a boring workout.

Have Your Partner Create Tension - Free weights are great to workout with because they provide freedom of movement, but their drawback is that they don't create an even tension on your muscles at every part of a rep. Have your spotter hold back the barbell so you have to work harder to lift the same weight you're use to. This way you won't get to rest at all until each set is done.

Don't Do Cardio and Weight Training On The Same Day - Intense cardio after an intense weight workout can lessen the effects of what you just worked so hard to do. Do your bike rides and treadmill workouts on a different day than your weight workouts and let your body recover and rebuild like it is supposed to.

Don't Go Crazy On Your Abs - A big mistake many gym rats make is to work their abs way too hard or too much. Your abs are a small muscle group compared to your legs, chest and back. Work them appropriate to their overall group size. If you do a balanced workout, you will have a balanced physique.

Nothing guarantees you will get a perfect bod, not even the Taylor Lautner workout, but if you follow along and develop a philosophy such as this, you will be a lot closer to your own personal workout and bodybuilding goals.

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