Kristen Stewart: "I Don't Care" About Haters

Hollywood stars are generally no strangers to scandal and critique. Some actors, however, find that certain roles or series attract particularly strong reactions, some of them negative, and that the public hatred of their characters can spill over onto them. This public enmity can be made worse if the celebrities in question also have personal lives that do not stand up to the critical gaze of a negative audience. Over the last few years, this has happened to Kristen Stewart after her role as Bella Swan in the highly-divisive "Twilight" film series.

Throughout the five-year filming of the "Twilight" movies, Stewart has dealt with a great deal of harsh criticism and an ongoing campaign of negativity that seems to be divided between those who would like to be working opposite her co-star, Robert Pattison, and those who hate the films and the books that they are based on. She has been called any number of rude and derogatory names, subjected to microscopic analysis of her figure, complexion, and behavior, and generally accused of being inadequate at every turn. Those who do not like the series have also accused her of pandering to vapid fantasies.

As well as having to face down those who appear to detest her because of her part in the romantic vampire movies, Stewart has also had to deal with "Twilight" fans turning against her in droves after it was revealed that she had had a brief affair with Rupert Sanders, the married director of "Snow White and the Huntsman," whom she met while filming. The fans are now accusing her of disloyalty to the ideals of "Twilight" and of being a home wrecker and sexually promiscuous. Those who dislike "Twilight" are generally being quieter in tone than before the scandal was breached, but the general feeling is that she has somehow proven them right in their negative assessment of both the actor and the franchise.

So how is the young actor dealing with the waves of bile that continue to wash her way? In typically open fashion, Stewart refuses to let any of the negativity flowing her way get her down. She says that she does not care about the hatred piling up against her on the Internet and social media. She has gone on record as saying "It's not a terrible thing if you're either loved or hated," noting that the important thing for her is to continue to do her own thing. She has, however, apologized to those who are upset at her behavior, adding that she never intended to anger anyone.

Although Stewart has previously chosen to withdraw somewhat from public life as a response to the anger and hatred that people have poured in her direction, she now seems to be more centered and is looking to resume going out. She notes that her attempts to withdraw from criticism left her feeling closed off, and she hopes that resuming normal social activities will help her to connect with the public again. This mature response is a good indicator that she has developed a great deal in the last five years, whether despite or because of the adversity she has faced.

Stewart notes that she is rather shy by nature when not in character, and she has come to realize that this can come off as aloof or disinterested. She has also expressed a desire to be able to do her job without having to come up with regular soundbites, and she particularly dislikes talking about herself. However, her new resolution to handle the public-facing aspects of her chosen career in a more open way suggests that, as she approaches her mid-twenties, Stewart is developing the skills she needs to handle the ups and downs of celebrity in the Internet and communication age.

Rather than regretting her mistakes and their consequences, Kristen Stewart seems to be using them as an opportunity to develop and grow. She is seeking lessons rather than forgiveness, and this should stand her in good stead for the long and no doubt turbulent career that is often the reward for troubled Hollywood celebrities. Despite Stewart's insistence that she will not "kowtow to the celebrity-industrial complex," her natural outgoing character and spontaneous actions appear to create as much drama as her acting, which can only be good for her films' publicity. After all, without this sort of ongoing interest, whether positive or negative, stars very rarely hold the public's attention for long.

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