Short Hairstyles 2013 Ideas

You may be surprised knowing that there are always short hairstyles 2013 for everyone. Yes! It means that you and any other women out there have the opportunity to be looking fabulous with short hairstyle. Gone are the days where short hair is only for daring celebs because everyone in this world now deserves the chance. What's so great about this haircut anyway? Well, perhaps it's great for its sassy look which brings more confidence to anyone having it. Rihanna and Michelle Williams are only few of those who looking brilliant in short haircut. So, if you can't wait to be the next lucky persons having modest short hair, read on. This article will help you deciding the right short haircut based on your facial shape and personality.

Short Haircut for Limp Hair

Everyone with limp hair will be looking great with short pixie haircut. This style simply adds texture and it lifts flat hair into a more volumized hair. You can take a look at Mia Wasikowska and Ginnifer Goodwin to see how brilliant this style can be. Once you choose this, make sure you ask the hairdresser to do just what you mean. Ask to cut your hair short with a bit more length on the top to get more feminine and texture hair. Make sure the stylist keeps your bangs and hairlines wispy and soft for the same effect. To style this short hair, you only need a thickening spray through the damp hair for more volume. Afterward, blow-dry the hair and use your fingers in creating movements. You can finish the look with texturizing paste.

Short Haircut for Medium Hair Texture

To get a great cut for medium hair texture, you have to ask the stylist to cut Middy short hairstyle. It's simply versatile and works perfectly. It can be combined with some layers which extend below your jaw and stop right above the collarbone. When you to go the hairdresser, make sure the stylist avoids length right on your shoulder in order to prevent your hair from flipping up. The layers have to be minimal but they can be shorter just around your face so that you can get lifting effect. Styling this hairstyle is simple. What you have to do is getting a curl-enhancing cream to be applied on damp hair. Then, get a curling iron and twist one to two inch sections before blow-drying your hair with diffuser. This way, you will get nice beachy-waves effect.Shortly, the short hairstyles 2013 will give you the desired look you ever dream about. Not only are they simple and modest but they are also instantly transforming your look.Â

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