How to Achieve Hair Like Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried has the kind of long, golden locks many women would die for. The actress, who shot to fame in the movie 'Mean Girls' and went on to take a lead role in the Hollywood blockbuster 'Mamma Mia' (on the set of which she met boyfriend Dominic Cooper), Seyfried is a regular on the red carpet with the ability to carry off all kinds of styles.

Seyfried herself has a delicate, heart shaped face with a porcelain complexion and strong cheekbones, so she can carry off a range of styles effortlessly. This is a big plus for the red carpet as it means her hair can be styled according to the outfit she has chosen to wear. Here are some tips on how to create some of her trademark hair styles yourself.

Tousled bun

Seyfried attended the Tribeca Film Festival wearing a trendy outfit with a youthful hair style to match. The actress updated a classic bun by making it tousled and relaxed, giving it a chic twist. To replicate this style for your own hair, create volume and height by backcombing the back of the hair. Next, pin most of it into place allowing some strands of hair to fall freely. You will need to use a good hairspray to keep the style in place.

1940s wave

Seyfried has also mastered the 1940s wave - a classic look which she wore with added volume for real Hollywood film star style. To recreate this, use a round bristled brush while blow-drying the hair, this will add volume to the look. Next, section off the hair and use large Velcro rollers to create the desired gentle wave. Pull back one side of the hair and secure with hair grips the same colour as the hair. They will appear invisible and this will create a sleek, chic style. To add shine and bounce to the look, use a light serum cream or shine spray, and finally add salon-quality hairspray to create a smooth finish and natural hold.

Multi-tonal highlights

Along with her varying looks, Seyfried is likely to be receiving regular treatments to achieve her sun kissed, seamless highlights, which work well with her warm skin tone. If you want highlights like Seyfried's, ask your colourist for a full head of multi-tonal blonde highlights, which will need ideally to be applied with a chunky weave. Golden highlights are best suited to lighter skin as they add warmth and depth.


Once the roots start to show, it will be necessary to add colour across the T-section, and one option is to add lighter champagne tones which will show through the more golden highlights underneath. The contrast between colours will be noticeable straight after the first colouring, but quite quickly the colours will blend into one another to give a natural and dazzling appearance.

Looking after blonde hair

Once you have adopted the blonde look, it is vital to look after your hair, keeping it well moisturised and healthy. A weekly deep conditioning treatment is the best way for blondes to do this, preventing the hair from getting dry and brittle and keeping that shiny, glossy appearance.

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